Ronn Moss




American singer and soap actor, most famous for playing Ridge Forrester on the daytime soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" 



*Ronn Moss is no longer an official band member as of September 14, 2017 

Ronn Montague Moss was born in Los Angeles, California on March 4, 1952. Like most young kids in the early 60's, he was impressed by listening to the famous UK band from Liverpool, the Beatles. This stirred a longing inside of him to become a musician. Ronn was also influenced by his older sister, who played the bass, sparking his interest to do the same. By age 11, he had learned to master the bass, guitar, and drums. Raised in the heart of Hollywood show business, Ronn was constantly surrounded by musicians at home while still young. His father, John Moss, was a theater impresario who threw many parties for great artistisans of opera, and other musical productions. At 14, Ronn studied martial arts, including the spiritual side of meditation and visualization. While in high school, he started out his career in a succession of local bands as a bass player and vocalist, playing on the back of flatbed trucks at festivals and outdoor concerts, hooking up generators for the night time gigs. He played in the bands Count Zeppelin and The Fabled Airship, and Punk Rock, before punk rock actually became popular. 

At age 24, Ronn was brought into the band Player through his friendship with Paul Palmer. Paul already knew Peter Beckett and J.C. Crowley on an individual basis, and realized that they all could make beautiful music together with their various talents. Paul then became their manager.Ronn took on the bass, also contributing to the harmonic backgrounds with his vocals. He brought to the band John Friesen, an old high school friend that played drums with his former bands. Ronn is also credited with singing lead on 'Tryin To Write a Hit Song', from Player's first self-titled LP. Player's first two LP's were recorded on RSO Records, owned by Robert Stigwood. Robert suggested to Ronn, out of the blue that, with his good looks, he should try acting. Ronn had never really thought about it before, but kept it in the back of his mind as an option if the music didn't pan out. Three albums and a few tours later, things were slowing down for the the band, with the changing music styles of the 80's. Ronn then decided to put his love of music on hold to pursue his acting career. He took acting lessons and went out on numerous auditions. With no connections in the acting field, he worked his way up, learning one step at a time. He then quit the band in 1982 and was not on PLAYER's fourth album 'Spies Of Life', being replaced by Russ Buchannan.

He landed various roles in feature films during the 80's such as Predator 2, Last Call For Murder, Hot Ticket to Hawaii, and Hearts of Armor, to name a few. Ronn also did some work in TV commercials. In 1987, he finally struck gold, and was cast as fashion mogel Ridge Foresster in a new CBS daytime drama, 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. The show became an immediate success, with Ronn's character as "Ridge" becoming an icon among the daytime soap fans.

After an eight year music hiatus, Ronn reunited with former Player band mate Peter Beckett, and started working on some new songs in his home studio. Together they released the fifth Player album in Europe, called 'Electric Shadows'. Peter renamed it 'Lost In Reality', once released in America. Ronn and Peter shared the lead vocals this time, showing that Ronn also had a gift for great vocals. Still working his day job, after the cameras stopped rolling on the B&B set, Ronn would go off and play weekend music gigs with Peter, as Player. This left Ronn free during the week to still tape his daytime show. The music was his creative release away from the acting. 

In 2001, Ronn was ready to record his first solo cd, assisted by Peter Beckett in the song writing and production department. Called 'I'm Your Man', the cd consisted of thirteen melodic, straight-to-the-heart tracks. He solified massive support from local media and his legion of fans in Australia, then went to Europe for a promotion tour which included many TV appearances, radio and media interviews, and personal appearances meeting his fans. He was well received by all. In 2002, he then took his band back to Europe for a tour of live gigs. They played a few dates in the US also, mainly around the L.A. area. Getting the urge to do a second solo cd, Ronn got together once again with Peter in early 2005 and recorded 'Uncovered'.  Uncovered was more a reflection of what stage in his life he was in, with more meaning to him. He played bass on almost every track and sung 80% of it. He then did a month of promoting his cd as well, as his new 2006 calendar, which took him to eight different countries. Once again, he was well received and returned home for rehearsals. August of 2006, he took his band on the road to Australia, till the end of September. Ronn Moss has a large fan base in Australia and In 2006, a campaign surfaced to vote Ronn as Australian of the year. Ronn was also featured in a television commercial for Berri, an Australian orange juice company. The punchline of the advertisement was "you can tell when it's not all Aussie"; a line intended to show (in jest) that while Moss has long standing connections with Australia, his Hollywood career has resulted in his persona differing significantly from that of the cliché Australian male.

Ronn also has a love for photography as a creative release, along with his music. 



RAJON RECORDS 2004          
 1. I Will (Beckett, Plunkett) 
 2. Generate (Beckett, Moss) 
 3. For the Rest of My Life (Radford, Mitchell) 
 4. Hearts (Barrish)
 5. All I Have to Give (Beckett, Plunkett)
 6. In Love Alone (Beckett, Moss)
 7. Until I Get It Right (Lambert, Hayward)
 8. Once Again (Moss)
 9. I'm Your Man (Beckett, Moss, Plunkett)
10. One More Try (Torres, Hildrith)
11. Baby Come Back (Beckett, Crowley)
12. That's When I'll Be Gone (Lambert, Saisse) 
13. Mountain (Beckett, Manzie) 

1. You’re My Addiction (Beckett,Plunkett)
2. It’s All About You (Nelson,Nelson)
3. Two Kinds (Maloney,Thomas,Kelly,Taylor) 
4. When We Kissed (O'Shea,Knight) 
5. Me & You (Farris,Nelson)
6. It's So Easy (Crow,Crow)
7. Just Once More 
    (Nelson, Nelson,McCuntock,Shaw)
8. Show Me Yours (Beckett,Plunkett,Moss)
9. I Would Do Anything (Beckett,Plunkett)
10. Butterfly  (Beckett, Moss, Plunkett)
11. Sharp Dressed Man (Beard, Giibbons,Hill)
12. Kites (Pockriss,Hackady) 

Special Sharp Dressed Man '06 Tour Edition


1. You're My Addiction

2.   It's All About You

3.   Two Kinds

4.   When We Kissed

5.   Me & You

6.   It's So Easy

7.   Just Once More

8.   Show Me Yours

9.   I Would Do Anything

10.  Butterfly

11.  Sharp Dressed Man

12.  Kites

13.  Stand By You (: Bonus Track )

14.  After All This Time ( : Bonus Track )

15.  It's All About You ( Club Mix : Bonus Track )

16.  Baby Come Back ( : Bonus Track )

+ 4 Bonus Tracks Includin


g 'Baby Come Back'
+ Photo Gallery
+ Tour Promo Video



 1. It's So Easy (Finnish version  
 2. It's All About You
 3. It's So Easy (English version)
 4. It's All ABout You(Mix)





 1. Beautiful (radio version)
 2. Special Love (radio version)
 3. Beautiful (club version)
 4. Special Love (extended version)


2BRAINS RECORDS 2005            

1. Butterfly

2. When We Kissed



1. All I Have To Give

2. Once Again