John Friesen




Creative director and video editor as well as music director

for the Ice Follies and professional drummer for PLAYER


 *John Friesen is no longer a band member as of 1982

John Friesen was born in Idaho, but moved with his family to Los Angeles when he was a small child. While in high school, he met Ronn Moss and they formed a band together. They played local gigs and school dates, with John on drums.

After high school, John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in music from California State University in Los Angeles. After graduation, he toured with the Ice Follies as the Musical Director and the drummer/percussionist, touring all over the world. With sixty girls to four musicians, he enjoyed all six years with the Follies. In fact, he produced his own version for the Orient called "America On Ice". 

Following his successful run with the Ice Follies, John joined the band Player in 1977, with the suggestion of Ronn Moss, who told him that the band needed a drummer. John played a part in contributing arrangements for Player, and recorded with the band on their first four LPs till 1982, when they disbanded and everyone went their separate ways.

John now brings over 45 years of creative talent and multi-faceted experience to Spectrum Video and Film, based in Phoenix, Arizona. John continues to contribute his creative inspiration through his involvement of all aspects of video production; directing, producing, scripting, music and video editing, camera operation and lighting.